A PODCAST powered by PICHA for creatives and creators.


Against Gravity is a bimonthly wide-ranging conversation with creators and creative leaders on their work, life, struggles and hustle. We speak with creative inventors, creative business leaders and concept bearers about their career journey and the thought process behind some of their consequential projects.

Against Gravity believes that a combination of focused mindset, relentless attitude and empathetic heart is a collective force that influences, inspires and innovates. Despite the internal and external challenges, our guests never gave up.


Who's on?

Against Gravity is a PICHA podcast that speaks to creators, game changers & creative leaders who offer pragmatic, real-world insights and experiences that transcend the creative sector.


The podcast is pre-recorded and released every two weeks from mid-February on multiple podcast platforms. Each episode is promoted and marketed prior to its release together with a human interest blog on the highlights of the conversation.

Target Audience?

Young creative community - creatives, writers, content creators, creative business leaders, dreamers, design thinkers, students and digital nomads.

Digital Footprint as at 1 February 2021

Mail Subscription: 3100+ subscribers in global business industry

Facebook: 91000 followers | 4.5% average engagement rate

Instagram:  3,500+ followers | 10876 impressions per month

Why listen?

Conversations will empower listeners with the will, grit and inspiration to supercharge their life, surmount stumbles, build on their incredible concepts & bring their ideas to reality. Real-life experiences and hard truths are ingredients of true inspiration to our audience.

Guests will dive into their creative journey, milestone projects and turning points that defined and shaped their outlook on work and life. Real-life stories will help our audience to better appreciate the journey of the guest. The conversation is heartfelt, authentic, humorous and sincere to make people cry, laugh and everything in between.

Highlight: Each guest is expected to answer the major question: 'What is your major against gravity moment?' The answer must focus on surmounting or succumbing to the greatest challenge in their creative life.

A PICHA Podcast

Against Gravity is powered by PICHA – an Afrocentric visual content provider PICHA creates and curates diverse Afrocentric images that help brands and businesses to tell inclusive and diverse stories.

Founded by Gabonese-French photographer, Josiane Faubert, PICHA believes that original stories can change perceptions by amplifying the voices, faces and stories of people of colour in brand storytelling across the world.

Meet The Founder

I’m Josiane Faubert, Founder and Managing partner of PICHA. I started PICHA with a clear mission of curating images that reflected positive experiences within the communities we serve. There is a big need for authentic representation. 

"94% of brands showed people of color, but only 15% were culturally represented by more than their skin color."
Source(s): Edelman Intelligence

Host: Henry Derben

A storyteller at heart, Henry Derben is a communications professional with diverse backgrounds in multimedia storytelling, corporate and marketing communications. He is deeply passionate about telling stories that are relevant, engaging and can bring real social change. As the business development manager for PICHA, Henry is driven by PICHA's overarching mission to improve the diversity of African imagery online and tell contemporary stories from across the continent. 

Prior to PICHA, Henry co-founded Crust Media and had stints with PHD Ghana, Multimedia Group Limited, UNICEF, Newmont Ghana & Silverbird Entertainment. When not actively working, Henry is watching documentary films, consuming world news or dancing to some Afrobeat tunes!

Tune in every fortnight and join our life-altering creative conversations!  


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