PICHA’s visuals are sold under the standard Royalty-Free (RF) license.

There is a big misconception with the term Royalty-Free. RF images are not free images. It is a license that allow for more flexibility. It never expires.

PICHA RF license allows you to use your visuals anywhere in the world and never expires.

PICHA’s RF license covers editorial and commercial usage.


These are good for basic web use like blogs, articles, brochure and small prints at around the size of a postcard.


These are big enough for almost any need you might have (ie: full page prints, any web need…).


A collection of exceptional visuals uniquely priced at $75/image

For commercial purposes (product for resale, large impressions, several users), in addition to selecting an image (large or standard) you will need to add an extended license as described below.


For an unlimited number of users in an organization to use the content.


When printing more than 250,000 copies of the image (web use is never limited).


Use visuals on t-shirts, greeting cards, posters, calendars, other commercial products, etc…

Editorial vs commercial

Our collection is mostly commercial assets. However, some images are editorial assets.
Editorial assets are only to be used in news articles, blogs or other educational/informative media. Editorial assets cannot be used in advertisement, promotion or other commercial use.
Editorial visuals cannot be used on any merchandise or products for resale.

If you are not sure what type of license is needed for your specific usage, please send an email to info@pichastock.com with your specific question.

For more details, please refer our Terms & Conditions

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