Melanin Modern


ELLIPSIS and PICHA have teamed up with some generous photographers to create a collection of photos about the African woman. ‘

Melanin Modern is a FREE collection available on PICHA.
ELLIPSIS is committed to building a balanced future in terms of opportunities for women and men on our continent. Through this campaign, the firm has partnered with the PICHA marketplace to break stereotypes by showing African women in a position of power, in a modern professional setting.

The theme of the 2019 International Women’s Day is #BalanceForBetter: Building a more gender-balanced world. Gender balance is not only an issue for women, but also for the business world. Several studies have shown that gender balance is a factor of performance on boards, governments and work teams.
Nowadays, visuals are increasingly important. A publication on social networks without an image, photo or video has less engagement with the public. African professional women are underrepresented on the internet. Therefore, the same images are often used, sometimes “stolen”, for social and commercial purposes.

The aim of this campaign is to offer a variety of royalty-free images representing professional African women available for download, free of charge. These can be used on social networks to increase visibility and promote gender balance in the boardroom because a picture is worth more than a thousand words.
Our message: The African professional woman exists. It’s me, it’s you.

ELLIPSIS is a financial management consulting firm that supports African companies in improving their performance and promotes the construction of continental champions.
PICHA is a marketplace that provides collections of contemporary visual content of and about Africa.

This collection couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the models and the photographers who volunteered their time and talent.
When using photos from the collection please remember to credit the photographers and use the #melaninmodern.