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Ana Carolina Haddad graduated in journalism on 2018. She discovered photography as her passion during college and didn't stop since then. She believes that photography is possible political key for democratisation, social justice and elevating silenced people. She also sees photography as a way to self-knowledge as well to the person who is being photographed. In her graduation work, she released the photobook "Resist Mandela", about Mandela's Comunnity in Campinas (BR), and exposed the photos permanently in the headquarters of the group. Still in 2018, she participated in the exposition Manaluta in the Museum of Sound and Image of Campinas, with women right manifestation photographs. Exposed in Maloca Cultural and Art the project Lesbian Visibility. In 2020, won in 3° place the photography competition 40tenadxs about COVID-19 quarentine in Brazil. Also published a photopoetry in the book "Diving" (free translation) together with other 60 artists around the country also about experincing the pandemic. Her last exibhition "tonight I sleep with open eyes" was online through Torta, a cultural independent house in Campinas, where she investigates the violences suffered by sexism in her own body in self-portraits. Member of Photograp.her, a collective that brings together women photojournalists from several countries.

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