Tamara wins PICHA Breakfast Challenge

Last month, PICHA launched the Breakfast Challenge which was sponsored by Promasidor’s brand Cowbell. With $400 dollars and branded product hampers to be won, submissions flew in from all over the continent. It was a difficult task for the judges to pick just one image as a winner to represent the full idea that the sponsor Cowbell wanted due to the amazing diversity of images that were received from participants. This diversity goes a long way to firm up the recognition of 

Runner Up: Emmanuel with Branded Hamper from Cowbell

Winning is always a good thing and the feeling that comes from being the top preference is great. For the PICHA Breakfast challenge, Tamara Claudius from Nigeria was the luckiest among the lot in over two hundred submissions to get the cheque and experience that winning feeling all over again. 

In an interview with Tamara, she shared some of her processes for the challenge submission with us.

PICHA: What is your go-to for breakfast on a regular day?

Tam: My go-to for breakfast on a regular day is a bowl of cereal (mostly Kellog’s Fruit and Fibre) and some milk. It’s a quick fix before Lagos traffic hits.

PICHA: Have you ever enjoyed a Cowbell product and if so, which one?

Tam: Yes, I have. It was Cowbell Milk. It came in a blue sachet and it was always part of my groceries in boarding school. I haven’t seen it on the Nigerian market in a few years though.

Runner Up: Phyllis with Branded Hamper from Cowbell

PICHA: What was your inspiration for the winning image?

Tam: Living in Lagos with the hustle and bustle of the city mostly takes away from its residents. We set out too early for the day’s business and mostly miss out on breakfast. I wanted to create an image that portrayed the joy we feel sitting at our tables on the few occasions we get the chance to enjoy the most important meal of the day. 

PICHA: Did you learn anything while shooting for the breakfast challenge?

Tam: I did. I read a number of articles on food photography and food styling as I hadn’t done a lot of food photography in the past. I’m now excited about shooting food and how much I can create with it.

PICHA: Which camera did you use to shoot for the challenge? 

Tam: I used a Canon EOS 80D 

PICHA: What is one tip you can share for editing images for stock?

Tam: Keep it clean and simple.

Runner Up: Frank with Branded Hamper from Cowbell

PICHA is proud of all of the people who submitted an image for the challenge and the three runner ups who also received the branded product hampers from Cowbell. Emmanuel Obuobi, Frank Nyame and Phyllis Kudjoe

So there you have it in the words of the Breakfast Challenge Winner; Keep it clean and simple.

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