PICHA Breakfast Challenge

Written by Joana Chemel- PICHA | Image Credit: Emmanuel Obuobi- PICHA

Food is very important for the human body. Even though scientists reveal the human body contains about 60 percent water, the body cannot do without the 40 percent nutrients that allow the body to grow well. One of the categories of food that the body really needs is the Breakfast. Breakfast is popularly called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for good reason; breaking the overnight fasting period. It is known to replenish the supply of glucose to boost energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health.

The famous quote by nutritionist Adelle Davis “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” has over the years shown the importance of this first meal of the day. It is said that people who eat breakfast tend to have more positive moods and more energy than those who skip this meal (and creates an average 18-hour interval between previous dinner and the next meal). According to some nutrition experts, people who eat breakfast tend to have fewer problems managing their weight than those who skip breakfast.

PICHA is passionate about showing the food life of the Afrocentric communities we serve. There are countless ways Afrocentric communities enjoy their first meal of the day. From Eastern to Western Africa, North through Central Africa to the southern region, traditions, styles and options vary per community and household. In view of this, PICHA contributors help us capture the diverse foods that exist on the African continent through our food collections on the PICHA website. In a bid to capture more fun moments during breakfast, PICHA launched the breakfast challenge to invite the general public to share their breakfast moments and stand the chance to win $400. 

It is all about that first meal of the day; Breakfast means different things in different places. Whether it’s a glass of milk, the classic coffee or black tea with some mandazi or eggs, botokoin, okpa, fried plantain with yam, Koose, Callaloo with ripe plantain, steamed cabbage with saltfish or Hausa Koko, hot chocolate tea, this challenge concept, coined from the sponsor angle (Cowbell) was ‘A Touch of Milk’, exploring all the various African breakfast dishes that could have a touch of Milk. For this call to the general public, Food and Beverage Giant Promasidor came into partnership with PICHA, called for submissions and sponsored the prizes for the Breakfast Challenge. Promasidor, which is known for high-quality products such as Cowbell, Sossi Soya, Onga Seasoning  and Wow Wow Rings, hopes to showcase the different meanings of breakfast in different places around the world. Anyone who wished to participate was to submit as many images as you want to showcase the different ways breakfast is enjoyed across Africa and the African diaspora. Submissions were then judged on technical skill, storytelling, and interpretation of the theme.

About the Challenge Sponsor- Promasidor

Promasidor is the leading provider of high-quality food products across various regions in Africa. Their milk powders, culinary, beverages and cereal products are affordable, delicious and good for you. Founded in 1979 by Robert Rose, who left the United Kingdom in 1957 for Zimbabwe to pursue his African dream. He traveled extensively across Africa and gained a unique and thorough knowledge of the food industry throughout the continent. In particular he noticed a lack of availability of the one highly nutritious product that the developed world takes for granted – milk. A passionate belief in this vision fueled the pioneering concept of selling filled milk powder in small sachets and Promasidor began selling the Cowbell brand in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) in 1979. Today Cowbell is sold in the majority of countries across the African continent.

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