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A conversation for the Young creative community – creatives, writers, content creators, creative business leaders, dreamers, design thinkers, students and digital nomads.

When the plane takes off, it overrides the grounding force to go against the wind. The same wind that helps its wings to fly. When the spaceship takes off, it also goes up against the wind. With heat that has the capacity to destroy the ship itself, it allows the destructive factors to fuel its flight into heights that defy the gravitational force which keeps it grounded in a purposeless state. The view up there has always been said to be worth the lifetime, but only a handful of people have shown us a glimpse of it. 

Such is the journey of our lives. Only the courageous few are able to weather the storm, not give in to the challenges that beset them and safely arrive at the final destination of bringing their tough ideas to reality.

In our quest to change the narrative and influence minds with authentic, real-world experiences of courageous individuals, piloting their creative businesses and inventions, we are holding tough conversations about their flight processes and enduring will to defy forces that kept them static. We are speaking with creative inventors, creative business leaders and concept bearers about their life, career journey and the thought process behind some of their consequential projects.

The goal of these conversations?

To empower listeners with the will to do, to inspire with grit, to supercharge lives, to surmount stumbles and to equip minds to build incredible concepts. The goal? To dare you to bring your ideas to reality. 

With real-life experiences and hard truths that no one dares to spill, with failures that are taught to be hidden in plain sight, and the deadly-lonesome responsibilities of facing the consequences of actions taken, guests will dive into themselves, milestone projects and turning points that defined and shaped their outlook on work and life. 

We all face challenges and turbulence that try to destabilize us, pull us back, cause us to fail or test our strength. Yet we barely talk about these challenges, failures or headwinds which have the potential to help others in similar situations. This motivation is what fuels conversations on our new podcast. More so, because it takes courage to be vulnerable in a world where quite the known majority is pushing a narrative of perfection and achievements, especially on digital media. 

In the highlights of your own moments, these conversations have been conceptualized with your fears and doubts in mind. With your hopes and dreams, convos are engineered in heartfeels, authenticity, humour and sincerity. It is therefore, everything between your imaginations and your reality, between your cries and your sheer expressions of joy. It is all there is between your first steps and the ever evading ‘finishing line’. It is the necessity of your first fearful inhaled breath and the beautiful essence of your exhale.

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Against Gravity- Your Focus. Your Perseverance. Your Undeniable Breakthrough

Against Gravity is a bimonthly PICHA podcast featuring wide-ranging conversations with creators, game changers and creative leaders who offer pragmatic, real-world insights and experiences that transcend the creative sector including their work, life, struggles and hustle engineered on the belief that a combination of focused mindset, relentless attitude and empathetic heart is a collective force that influences, inspires and innovates. 

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