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Christmas around the PICHA world.

Written by: Joana Chemel-PICHA | Image Credit: Josiane Faubert– PICHA How are you celebrating this year’s holidays? Where are you celebrating it? With whom are you celebrating? The holidays are different for everyone and for PICHA, Christmas means different things that are celebrated in different ways. Here’s what Christmas looks like for Lana, PICHA’s Marketing …

Ideas for the Authentic Afrocentric Holidays

Did you ever think about seeing the end of the 2020 pandemic year? Well, if you are reading this then YOU MADE IT!!! The Holiday Season is almost here and a lot of people have counted so many losses but a lot more are also counting so many gains of being alive and having survived the pandemic. And that calls for celebrations, reflections, appreciations, showing more love and care to self and others. Here are a few ideas on where to look and how to get some authentic Afrocentric items as gifts.