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We chat with Agbons Igiewe, General Manager at Ziza Digital, about the ins and outs of influencer marketing: What is influencer marketing? How effective is influencer marketing and what are the ways to measure that success?We’ll tackle these and much more in this episode of the Afrofeaturism PICHApodcast.

What is influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is basically brands using the network or clout of certain influencers to sell their product. It can be likened to product placement in movies. The feature should blend into the everyday lifestyle of the influencer but it’s actually ad. It’s a more organic way of subtly placing your brand in the everyday life of people.

Is influencer marketing effective?

Yes, when it is properly done it can be effective. It’s important to remember that it’s about a lot more than just the number of followers someone has. Pay close attention to the lifestyle of the potential influencer and make sure that it reflects your target audience. 

How do you know if influencer marketing is right for your brand?

When you evaluate your brand, look at developing your brand strategy and brand message. This will give you a clear idea if influencer marketing is right for your brand. 

What do you take into consideration when selecting an influencer?

Firstly, look at the lifestyle and the portfolio of the influencer. It’s very important that the portfolio suits your brand. Next, make sure you investigate and see if there is any negative baggage associated with them. Anything that can hurt your brand message or is not in-line with your brand message should be flagged. Lastly, try to partner with stable individuals, i.e. influencers who have been stable for at least a year. It also be noted that if the influencer has recently done an influencer marketing campaign with a competitor then it’s best to allow a good amount of time to pass before considering them for one of your campaigns. 

How do you measure the success of the influencer campaign?

Each campaign will have it’s own objective. Make sure you’re clear with about what is your main objective is , i.e. it’s not realistic to think you can achieve everything with one campaign. Your objective will colour how you craft the campaign and put your message out there.

Common mistakes brands make?

The biggest mistake brands make is to make the influencer marketing partnership look like an ad. It’s important to tie the campaign into the influencer’s lifestyle in an organic and authentic way. Another mistake is recruiting the wrong type type pf influencer, i.e. someone who doesn’t fit the brand persona and isn’t actually talking to your target audience. 

Top 3 things to do before delving into influencer marketing:

  1. Draw up your strategy: Get clear on who your brand is and what your message is.
  2. Evaluate the influencer closely: look at their persona, lifestyle, any potential negative baggage, whether they are part of your target market, etc
  3. Map out what you want to achieve: Are you looking to grow awareness, sales, social profile, engagement or followers?

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