What To Look Out For When Shooting Stock Images

Image by PICHA contributor Kat Grudko.

PICHA’s in-house photographer, Kat Grudko, shares her top 10 things to keep in mind when shooting for stock photography.

  1. Make sure the images are sharp, in focus and exposed properly
  2. Keep the composition and background as simple as possible so text can be overlaid if necessary
  3. It helps potential buyers to compose the image by placing the subject off centre
  4. Shoot with space on sides or above the head for text
  5. Remove all logos
  6. Remove anything that can be trademarked (a pattern or symbol that is recognized as part of a brand)
  7. Tattoos. They can be a part of the image if the model can prove they designed it themselves. If not it is best to remove them just in case.
  8. Graffiti and signage (if commissioned) may also need a property release form
  9. If the building or location is recognizable a property release will be needed
  10. Always be ready. A good photo can happen at any time. So, if possible, make sure to take your camera with you as much as possible.
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