Africa’s Visual Economy | #SWMLagos 2020

We’ve entered the decade of the visual economy surge. People everywhere are consuming visual content that defines their point-of- view and connects with them meaningfully.

Winning brands will be those that constantly tell the most persuasive and compelling visual stories that resonate with consumers.

For businesses in Africa, how do you break through the content clutter with original visual stories that make your brand top-of-mind. How can you deftly create, transform and publish compelling images and videos to gain a foothold in today’s visual economy?

PICHA is hosting a panel discussion to answer these questions and more including diversity in visual storytelling, the impact of taking socio-political stands for brands and how to stay ahead of the curve in Africa’s Visual Economy.

Join us at Social Media Week Lagos on Monday, February 24 from 1:30PM at the Landmark Centre as we discuss these issues with a panel of experts and an audience make-up of marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The visual economy is here. Are you ready to win?

CLICK HERE for more information about PICHA’s panel discussion at #SMWLagos 2020.

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