A Script To Help You Gain More Followers

Image credit: #PICHAcontributor Janet Orilua

So you want to participate in the PICHA challenge but you’re finding it a bit hard to talk to people or choose what to say? We know it can all seem quite daunting but it does not have to be – people are more than willing to support your progress and with the right approach you can make this an engaging and fun experience.

Below is an example of a script you can share with your networks to help you grow your followers the current PICHA contributor challenge. There are just 10 days left so make sure you get a head start for the best chances of winning!  

Remember to include a direct link to your PICHA profile page to make it as easy as possible for your network to support you in your goal!

Hey (insert name)

I have updated my profile on the PICHA website and would like to ask for your support, by following me you will help me increase the chances of having my images seen.

I am not sure if you know this but PICHA is a platform where photographers can sell their images. I do share their mission of promoting African talents by telling positive stories of Africa to the world. The platform is followed by creatives and by people who just love great photos.

And as a show of gratitude, there is a free #MelaninModern collection that you can use to create a richer visual stories, PowerPoint presentations, brochures or social media posts. LINK HERE.

I am counting on you as they are also having a challenge until 16/02/2020 that I am planning on winning with your help and others to whom you can forward this.

Many thanks, (insert your name)”

Best of luck to you!

Disclaimer: This script is a guide to help contributors through the conversations with friends, family and overall networks. PICHA does not guarantee a sure fire way to get people to follow your contributor profile but encourages contributors to use the guide to craft a custom story about their contributor journey on PICHA.

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