PICHA’s Top 5 Image Submissions For February 2019

While it was definitely a challenge choosing our best, here are the top 5 submissions for February 2019:

Young Business professional

Young Business ProfessionalContributor: Mohamed Photography

Good use of depth, lighting and composition make up this image by Mohamed Photography. The subject (Young Business Professional) caught in a happy moment after receiving a call results in an image that is open to interpretation and would be ideal for use in business magazines or anything relating to telecommunications or career progression for example.

Keywords include: businessman; entrepreneur; talking; young professional; communication


Local Woman from Addis, EthiopiaContributor: Mohamed Photography

Another all-rounder by Mohamed Photography of a young & beautiful local woman in Addis wearing traditional attire. This image comes with an open-ended storyline and plenty of negative space- leaving creatives spoilt for choice when considering it for use in lifestyle, fashion and travel publications.

Keywords include: fashion; street photography; woman; Addis; umbrella

Portrait of a beautiful Ghanaian woman

Portrait of a beautiful Ghanaian womanContributor: Emmanuel Oboubi

The world we live in today has the highest consumption of music content than ever before as depicted in this capture by photographer, Emmanuel Oboubi. The subject embracing the sound of what could be a curated playlist being streamed or her favourite podcast series grants marketers and creatives in the streaming industry a great opportunity to relate to their target market.

Keywords include: music; smartphone; Ghanaian; kente cloth; happiness

Empty pocket

Empty PocketContributor: Frank Osei Nyame

The ‘Empty Pocket’ concept series by photographer Frank Osei Nyame tells a story of being broke. The mood that’s generated by the overall grey element makes this image appropriate for use in financial publications relating to tough times and rainy days.

Keywords include: Africa; bankrupt; broke; business; male; non-verbal communication; finance

Woman making a ourchase online

Woman making a purchase onlineContributor: Josiane Faubert

By now it’s safe to say that the majority of us have embraced the convenience of online shopping. Images of mobile/online payments will become increasingly popular with the world leaning more towards virtual banking . Our creative friends in the banking industry will appreciate this image by Josiane Faubert Photography of a woman preparing to make a mobile/online payment.

Keywords include: mobile payment; credit card; wireless technology; Gabonese, shopping

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