3 Rules For Choosing The Right Stock Images

Visual content is a vital part of any small business’ marketing campaign. In fact, Buffer’s recent study showed that users are 40 times more likely to share a post with visual content via social media than one without. This, and the fact that users are 80 percent more likely to read content with attractive visuals makes it clear that your marketing strategy is that much powerful when teamed up with a well-planned visual content strategy in place.

Here are 3 tips for choosing stock images that will take your content to the next level:

All the right feels

When browsing through stock image options, it’s important that you know exactly what feeling you’re trying to convey through your marketing. The quickest way to win over your target audience is through their hearts. Look for images that clearly portray the feeling you’re trying to evoke. Images that capture “security”, “freedom” or “hopefulness” will generally be a lot more effective than a landscape image for example.


Where is the hope

People are always a good idea

Choosing stock images with people in them will help you establish a personal connection with your target audience. This is because it helps them to picture themselves in that particular scene. Usually, images with a single subject in a candid pose looking away from the camera are most effective with today’s savvy audiences.

Woman looking at landscape, Cape Town, South Africa

Man receiving money on his phone

Pick a mood & stick with it

A sound visual content strategy is built on consistency. Know your brand and the mood all your visual assets should portray. This mood should be easy to spot in all your social media marketing, email marketing and print advertising. It helps to clearly define your brand’s style & identity.

Woman working on a bench

Woman looking at her tablet in Paris, France

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