3 Tips For Better Stock Photos

Stock photography presents a huge opportunity to photographers of all levels by giving them a chance to create a passive income or even a new career! Below, we’ll discuss three of the best tips for creating stock images that sell.


1. Kick Clutter To The Curb

Always make sure that you remove everything that will distract from your subject when framing your shot. Backgrounds can be particularly distracting so always be aware of this when choosing your angles to shoot. Advertisers who would potentially use your stock imagery will often need negative space to position text so keep this in mind when looking at composition.

Lamb chops on a black plate


2. Niche Down & Find A Focus

Stock photography is so generalized that it can be difficult to know where to start. While it might be tempting to upload a batch of random photos that span many different themes, you might find more success if you choose to niche down and choose one particular theme to focus on at time. This can help you form a reputation as an authority on that particular subject and once-off sales stand a much better chance of turning into repeat customers.


3. One Scene, Many Shots

To make sure that you get the most out of your stock photography shoots, always take more shots that you usually would before changing the scene. Change the angle of the shot, the subject you choose to focus on and play around with framing and composition before moving on. Also, try to shoot a landscape and portrait version of every shot. At the end of the shoot, you’ll have a lot more images and variations of the scene to upload to the stock photography site.



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