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Welcome to PICHA

PICHA is a visual content provider founded on the realization that the perceptions of Black people in the world are not always the reality of Africans or black communities in the world.

PICHA brings you curated, diverse Afrocentric visuals that enable brands and businesses to tell richer stories that include African Americans, Africans, and more generally the larger African diaspora. Images come from contributors who are from diverse Afrocentric communities in the US, in Europe, Brazil, and in Africa.

PICHA believes that original stories can change perceptions. And we are here to do just that. To bring the voices, faces, and stories of modern Afro and Black communities to the world and the brands we serve.

While we tell stories about black communities through photography, we also support our contributing photographers. 50% of all commissions go directly back to the photographer.

Welcome to PICHA. So nice to meet you!

Our creative partners

Our Team

Josiane Faubert

Founder, Managing Partner

Josiane is based in Seattle,



Susan Guya Otieno

Legal advisor and Contributor Relationship Manager

Guya is based in Nairobi,


LinkedIn:Susan Guya Otieno

Lana Wessels

Marketing Director

Lana is based in Cape Town,
South Africa


LinkedIn:Lana Wessels

Henry Derben

Business Development Manager

Henry is based in Accra,


LinkedIn:Henry Derben

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